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DetO2x pack

DetO2x pack


Oxygenating bubble mask

An immediate shot of oxygen that visibly clarifies.

  • Additonal Info.

    The latest generation of de-polluting treatments is here!

    This effervescent mask leaves the complexion fresh, luminous and rested in just 10 minutes. The mask’s texture evolves from a generous cream to a crackling active foam that’s as fun to apply as it is refreshing. The individual capsules preserve freshness and integrity, and make it easy to take them with you everywhere!


    01. Transforms the skin in just 10 minutes
    02. Detoxifies and strips the skin of urban pollution, tobacco and other aggressors
    03. Features are smoothed and skin is tightened


    This product is ideal for

    All skin types, especially those tarnished by an urban lifestyle, smokers, grey complexions or tired features.

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