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Vital Falls Toner

Vital Falls Toner


Vitalizing and softening toner


Removes all impurities and rebalances


A revitalizing icon, this must-have toner caresses the skin in its final step of purification.

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    An essential balance! This tonic is key to any noteworthy cleansing routine, targeting the smallest detail and residue left behind from previous products. It balances the skin surface’s ph. It tones and softens the skin. Revitalized skin that shows off a fresh and dewy complexion. Suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile.


    Witch hazel extract: tightens tissue, tones and protects from free radicals. Chamomile extract: soothes and decongests. Calendula extract: softens and soothes inflammation.


    Apply product to a cotton pad and wipe the face or apply directly with hands. Avoid the eyes.

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